Saadaf Amin

Biograohy of Saadaf Amin

Saadaf Amin is a Bengali poet, writer and translator. He is the editor of Durdin Magazine, an online magazine based on literature, art and film.
Saadaf Amin also known as an anonymous script writer and freelance content writer. He works on writing content, literature and film script. Moreover he works as a SEO analysts.

Personal life of Saadaf Amin

Saadaf Amin, in Academic Nurul Islam, in family Nurul Amin, (born Jun 01, Mymensingh, Bangladesh)— Bangladeshi poet and columnist, whose poetry and personality captured the imagination of village life.

Saadaf Amin is the son of the farmers (Nazrul Islam) and (Rina Begum) . He went to University of Dhaka, started primary school at Khelar Algi Govt Primary School. Later he completed his secondary at Sakhua Adarsha Bidyaniketon and later earned higher secondary at Alamgir Monsur Memorial College.

About Saadaf Amin

Recently Saadaf amin joined for completing graduation in Santa Fe College in United States as Research Associate.

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